Monday, July 16, 2007


An elephant has a 22 month gestation period...the longest of any mammal. I can relate to the woes of these mamas. I think I've about got the elephants beat.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Only 43 days worth of people in front of us

Well referrals came out from the China Center of Adoption Affairs and they have referred babies for people logged in from Nov. 8-14th, 2005. We are 12/27/ we are getting closer now. I feel confident in saying that we should have a referral sometime before the end of the year. We're in the home stretch...rounding the bend. It's only been 18 1/2 months. I'm not sure why I would be getting referrals. Our agency got 8 referrals in the last batch and the babies were 6-16 months old.

That's all we know for now. Fortunately, it does look like we will travel before we have to renew our paperwork again. We've already done that once and once was enough!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The wait is so long, we got a puppy

I swore I wouldn't cave. I swore we wouldn't get a dog. Josh has wanted one so bad. Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day...73 degrees, no humidity. (See the list of my favorite things to the right). I let my guard down....I fell in love with a 4 1/2 month old golden retriever.

We brought him home this morning and named him Brody. He is so cute and has the best little temperment. He really doesn't bark. He's pretty calm. He already knows some tricks and has only used the bathroom outside (knock on wood.)

We took a picnic dinner out to the park tonight and after we ate we took Brody into the dog run area. This is a great park and he was able to run and play with other dogs. So now he's really tired and is knocked out on the floor.

I think we found a great dog! This adoption need to be completed soon. We keep adding pets...we already had two cats...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

By the way....18 months down...

There's a Veggie Tales song called "Where is my Hairbrush?" (Yeah, some of you know it and are now singing it in your head. Hee hee.) My song is "Where is my baby?"

On Wednesday we hit the 18 month mark. (SO much for the 6-7 month wait we originally expected...we've now TRIPLED that.) I feel pretty confident that we'll get a referral in 4-5 months. I think we might be on the home stretch. (For real this time.) Not looking great for being home by Christmas though. (We won't travel until 6-8 weeks after referral and then we'll be in China for 2 weeks.) SO LAME!!!!! (Just had to share.)