Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey now, she's a rock star...

Katelyn will finally wear her sunglasses without riping them off her face...and it's like she knows how cool she looks. We couldn't help but humor her! Here she is, just hanging out with grandpa! "Yep, I'm outside...I'm can I get mommy to let me eat the mulch??"
"Oh, the birds, the cars, the people..I love it out here!"
My girl who wouldn't put anything in her mouth is a PRO now. In fact, she really doesn't want to eat anymore unless it's something she can put in her mouth herself. Dinner has become quite the messy event...thank goodness it's followed by bath time!
And really, who cares about the mess. The kid is so stinkin' cute...the mess is well worth it. Just so you child is not the one who stays, dirt, sand, water...she loves it all.

Monday, July 28, 2008

She's a keeper

First, I'm sorry that I haven't posted in so long. Katelyn and I went up to Michigan for a long weekend earlier this month and had SO much fun hanging out with the whole family. Katelyn did great! We drove up there and back and she was awesome!!! She did really well meeting so many new people and I took her out to Lake Michigan and she LOVED the sand and water. I've never seen her so excited. My mom and dad have been having so much fun with the baby. I love this picture. It looks like they caught a good one...She just loves them and makes all kinds of silly faces when they come into the room. This is my future sister in law, Niki, my mom, Katelyn and I. We (along with Josh, dad and Mike) went out to dinner. We laughed when we all got together and looked at our outfits. We look like a watermelon.
Oh, Katleyn loves playing with her Grammy. Look at that smile.
Katelyn, who will be just under two at the time, is going to make her flower girl debut in Uncle Mike and Aunt Niki's wedding next spring. Here are the girls practicing their smiles. (I love this picture!) Niki is a GREAT addition to our family and fits right in...and puts up with my brother. (Sorry Mike...I love you man!) She's a keeper too!
Today is mom's birthday. We had a great night hanging out together. Dad is such the romantic...he makes homemade cards with a sheet of printer paper and a sharpie (good grief...ever the pragmatist). This one says "I love senior citizens." hee hee
My grandma is in the hospital right now. She's a living miracle. She's strong and courageous and such a fighter. I know my aunt will bring her computer to the grandma, we love you so much and we have half of Kentucky praying for you...get out of that hospital soon...there's a beautiful lake down here we want you to see!!!! That grandma, she's a keeper too. We're so blessed.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Katey Grace = Fashionista!

I just threw in a load of clothes for Katelyn. I wouldn't have even known it was time to do laundry for her except that she needed jammies washed. Why didn't I know you ask....because there are so many clean clothes in the closet there's no reason to do laundry! I think having nearly three years to wait for this baby paid off in the clothing department. Once she truly outgrows her 12 month clothes we won't have such the excess...but for now I feel like I'm dressing a super model every morning. (I wish my closet was so much fun!) I need to change her clothes a few times a day so she can wear all of this summer stuff. I must say that lots of this stuff was bought at the 70-80% off end of season clearance sales. I don't think I ever paid more that $5 for anything in there....Now I'm buying those $2 and $3 shirts for next summer!!! (okay so maybe the excess will continue)...I need to be better in this area. My mom is even's her fault I'm like this. :)

Happy (belated) 4th of July!!!

On Friday we went over to celebrate with our friends the Hendersons. Of course we all had fun, but Josh had to work third shift and there was no way this little one was going to make it until 10pm for the we had an explosive-free 4th...although everyone in our neighborhood was blowing things up all night...and last night...and I'm sure tonight (fireworks are not puppy friendly...poor Brody's been in hiding all week!)
But today after church Katelyn was just too cute not to snap a few pics...The poor kid thinks that every day's a photo least she'll have a healthy self-esteem!
So sassy in her doo rag!
Ummm...yep, I have the cutest kid!

It is pretty amazing that just a few months ago this little girl was living in an orphanage in rural China and now she's a U.S. citizen adjusting well to her Kentucky life.
Happy Independence Day!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

First picnic at the lakehouse!!!

My parents are in the process of buying this house on Lake Carnico in Carlisle...37 miles from our doorstep in Lexington (north east of us). So they'll spend half the year here and half the year in Arizona! Whoo hoo to that! My dad says he's going to tell people that his summer house is 20 miles north of Paris (he'll just leave out the KY part). Anyway, Josh and Katelyn and I drove out there tonight...because it's beautiful out...and we decided to have a picnic in the backyard. So much fun! Katelyn LOVED it. She sat and played in the dirt... ...took in scenic views...
...watched daddy eat a cheeseburger (I think she thought that was better than her peas) and dream about fishing....
...sat in her booster seat and wanted to play in the dirt, watch the birds and point at the trees (I think we got some food in her)...
...looked in the water...of course wanting to touch it...what a great big bathtub this place has...
....and of course played in the dirt some more as daddy scoped out a flat spot for a potential swing or picnic table (we're taking over already).

We can't wait until all of us can be out there to enjoy it. I think Josh, my brother and another friend of theirs are going out there again tomorrow to go fishing. We did see several fish jump out of the water tonight. Josh's eyes got real big....he approves of the new digs.

Remember when?

Remember when we got our baby and she couldn't sit up on her own...she cried and cried when she was handed to us...And now, less than three months later she is a wild child. Katelyn's figured out how to get from the coffee table to the couch to the end table to the chair to the sliding glass door. She was standing at the coffee table the other day while I was getting her lunch ready and I looked up and she was at the sliding glass door!!! Good grief. Everyday she learns how to do something new. She loves loves being outside so being able to get to the sliding glass door on her own makes her happy. She can watch the dog and the birds all on her own. This might be my favorite picture of her ever. I'm going to get it enlarged and hang it on the wall. It really captures her personality. She's so a sponge, just takes it all very curious about everything!
Watching Brody...
Okay, so I need to move the plant and pictures. I'm grieving the loss of a decorated house!
What's happening out there???
Katelyn and I are headed up to Michigan on Thursday. We're so excited to see everyone and I'm sure that no one will pay attention to her all weekend...geesh!