Sunday, March 29, 2015


Since we were shoveling snow earlier this month, we were really happy for spring to officially arrive.  I have already boxed up the winter hats/gloves/scarves/boots so I'm praying we don't get any more snow!

 (Although Noah was super cute shoveling the snow with Michael!)

 Our church had their Easter egg hunt today.  Katelyn and Noah were so excited.

 Katelyn was serious about egg gathering.

 Here we are (Lainey's in the stroller in the background.) Poor Lainey just gets left behind.  (She was happy as can be to hang out and play with her toes.)

 This was the first year that Noah could really egg hunt without assistance.  (He did want to crack each egg open as he picked it up to see what was inside before he put it in his bucket.)

 Katelyn and some of her friends.

 Katelyn in action.

 Lainey is nine months old now!  She's not crawling yet but it won't be long.  She's all over the place.  She just rolls to wherever she wants to go.  She loves slapping the linoleum and she's so proud of herself when she makes it across the room.  

 Noah says "Go State!"  

Lainey says hi!

Happy almost Easter!!!