Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall fun!

The weather has cooled down.  The leaves have mostly fallen off the trees.  We are right in the middle of fall.
 Noah was enjoying a little snack with daddy.
 Noah now likes coloring (for a few minutes at a time) and stickers.
He looks like such a big boy!
 Noah likes to hide between the bar stools.
 And he likes to reorganize the pantry.
 One of Katelyn's favorite things is a pile of leaves to play in.
 She was making a leaf angel.
 Wild boy!
 Noah liked the leaves too.
 Here's my attempt at keeping Noah busy while doing school with Katelyn.
 They love playing together.
 Noah really enjoyed spaghetti night.  Spaghetti night = bath night.
 Here I am with my nephew, Jax.
Poor Niki was just trying to enjoy her banana pudding in peace.  But Mooch and Moochier wanted some too.  Notice Charlie trying to move Noah along. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat?

There weren't any tricks, but there were LOTS of treats.  These kids brought in some serious loot tonight.
 Ready to go!
 Noah thought going up to houses and getting candy given to him was the best thing ever. 
 He was a pro.  People gave him double just because he was cute.
 Katelyn really enjoyed trick or treating this year.  She went with two of her friends that we always trick or treat with. 
This picture is blurry but it was so cute. 
Two nights of Halloween fun.  Michael and I are exhausted.  The kids are knocked out.  A successful year. :)