Friday, December 7, 2012

Noah's 10 months old!

I say this every month but I can't believe Noah is 10 months old already.  This has been a fun month. He's starting to get more and more active.

 Here's Noah on his new little tricycle that he got from Michael's sister for Christmas.  He can sit on it pretty well and he just kind of makes it rock back and forth.  But it's really cute.

 Head out on the highway...Lookin' for adventure...

 Whenever Noah wears his Batman shirt I say "Da na na na na na na na, Batman" and he giggles. I put him in the Batman onesie with the Superman sweatshirt.  Sometimes you have to have a superhero day.  :)

 He likes to be under things.  Usually it's the coffee table but the activity table will do also.

 Noah is starting to pull himself up on things.  He can't get all the way to standing but his new favorite thing is to chew on the coffee table.  I know, I know.  Gross...and I stop him whenever I see him doing it.  His top two teeth broke through a couple weeks ago and they're coming in.  He just wants to gnaw on everyting. 

 Here he is in action.

 He wants to figure out how to open the doors.  Fortunately they are pretty tough to pull open.  We may be okay for a while.

 He's getting stronger and his balance is getting better.  

 Hi everyone!

Noah and daddy were rolling a little ball back and forth.  They also like to sit on the ground and throw a ball back and forth.  Noah's actually pretty good.  Papa, are you ready to play catch?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Christmas Story

Katelyn decided that we should do a family performance tonight of the Christmas story.  We had so much fun.  She was the director of course.
 Noah was the angel, Gabriel.  Do not fear he brings good news.
 The loveseat was Nazareth and the end table across the room was Bethlehem.  Michael got to play the donkey.  :)  Joseph was played by Elmo and Katelyn played Mary.
 Here is Mary with child.  There was no room in the inn (innkeeper played by Michael) so they had to stay in the stable.  The stool is the hay bale. (Katelyn thought of all the details.)
 Baby Jesus (played by Noah's stuffed monkey) was born.  Mary is so happy.
 Here's a picture of the holy family.
 I was a shepherd.  My swiffer was my staff.
The wisemen and woman (we're equal opportunity) came from afar (the other room).  Michael was also a wiseman (he's a very versatile actor).  Michael and I were a little concerned that the wisewoman didn't have any pants on.  I guess she got news of Jesus' birth and had to leave home quickly.
Katelyn wants us to do this every night now.  Grammy and Papa, there will be a live performance when you get here!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A day in the life

Here are a few pics to keep you going....

 I took Katelyn to the Opera House to see Lexington Children's Theater's production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe the other day.  Here she is all ready to go.  :)

 The kiddos hanging out.

 Noah cut his top two teeth while we were up in Michigan last week.  Soon you'll be able to see them!

 The kids were having fun under the coffee table the other night.

Noah likes to bounce, bounce, bounce.

Noah ate butternut squash, scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast this morning.  He's getting so big.  

I wanted to post a few pictures real quick.  I'll post more from our Thanksgiving trip later.  

Happy December!!