Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Happy belated Easter! We had a lovely weekend. We've just found a church that we really like and it's taken us a long time to find the right place for our family...but I think we've found it! The pastor and his wife had an easter egg hunt for all the kids at their house on Saturday and it was so much fun. Katelyn loves a good easter egg hunt!

Their house is awesome! It's on a huge piece of land with a wrap around porch that goes around three sides of the house. We have house envy and are ready to move in.

I love living in Kentucky. It's truly beautiful here. Spring is fabulous!

Katelyn raked in the loot.

My parents got here last week and they're in Kentucky until October. Yeah!!! Here's my dad holding his grandson for the first time. I think Papa likes the little guy.

Katleyn is my big girl helper. She loves to feed "her" baby.

Cute boy.

Katelyn stole daddy's hat.

Noah loves hanging out with his daddy. Any time Michael talks to him or plays with him, Noah just stares at him and smiles the biggest smiles.

We worked in the garden on Saturday afternoon and Noah played in the shade.

What a handsome little guy! And so, so happy.

Katelyn in the tulips. My favorite flower and my favorite girl!

What a beautiful little person...inside and out!

Noah had his two month check up today and had to get shots. So he's been sleeping a lot today and needing a little extra TLC. He and daddy fell asleep on the couch tonight. I love how Noah is holding Michael's finger. Sweet!

Noah has gained nearly five pounds (weighing 14 pounds 1 ounce now) and grown 3 1/2 inches (24 inches now) since he was born. Holy cow he's getting big! I knew he felt heavier...