Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Wedding!

I know...I know...My faithful few who are still checking this have waited so patiently for an update. So here are the pictures you've been waiting for.
On July 3, 2010 I became Melissa Kramer. Tied with the moment Katelyn was placed in my arms for the happiest moment of my life!
My sweet dad walking me down the aisle.
It was really important to us that the ceremony be a worship service and that we didn't go crazy with decorations, but instead kept it simple and focused on the fact that we were making a covenant before God, each other and everyone that was there. The ceremony was really beautiful and significant and exactly what we prayed it would be.

"I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kramer."
Happy dance. Happy dance.

I am one happy, happy woman. I really am so blessed.

Our little family...

The wedding party.

My family.

We really loved our wedding day and were so thankful for everyone who helped to make it so special. We felt really loved and it was such a great way to start our life together!

The Reception....

So here we are...headed into the reception. Have I mentioned how much I love this man?
We went with three different kinds of cupcakes instead of a cake. Red velvet, lemonade and pumpkin carrot cake. Yum...and sweet friends who made all of them!

The prettiest flower girl EVER!

When we exchanged rings Michael gave Katelyn a locket as a symbol of his commitment to her. Aaron blessed the locket with the rings. Sweet...sweet.

I think this is the most perfect last dance picture ever. Katelyn was so tired she just laid right down on the dance floor. Perfect. That's kind of how I felt also.

I promise that I'll post honeymoon pictures soon. We are really happy and adjusting well to married life. Michael is actually in Louisville for a class this week and I really miss him. There's a hole here without him. It's amazing how fast everything changes. All of this really has been like a fairy tale. I still feel like someone needs to pinch me.