Thursday, February 21, 2013

First haircut

Noah's hair was getting really scraggly.  It was time for the first haircut.  So I watched a video on youtube about how to cut a little boy's hair and went for it.

 I sat him in his high chair with his breakfast and Sesame Street and got to work.  He was pretty good about it.

 So handsome!

He looks so grown up!!!  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm tired

Whew!  It's been a full day and I'm tired.  Everyday Noah figures out how to get into something new and keeping him out of stuff is a full-time job!

 He turned Katelyn's stool on it's side and then got stuck in it.

 All items that can be have been turned into Noah's personal walker.  He pushed this chair from the dining room table to the kitchen area.  Please note the basket of laundry on the counter that I can't take upstairs to put away because I can't leave Noah.  And then there's the muffin pan on the floor that he has already thrown from the bottom drawer.

 Every morning Katelyn's first words are, "I'm hungry, what's for breakfast?"

 Noah figured out how to get into the trash can last night.  Great.

 After pushing all the chairs around the room he lost interest in that and decided to pull things out of the cabinet.

 He took his socks off, shoved one under the stove and then started spinning the recycling bucked in circles just to see it go round and round.

 Katelyn was watching an episode of Curious George where George makes himself a hat just like the man with the yellow hat's.  Katelyn wanted to do that too so this is her creation.  It's pretty cool.  The little blue paper on the bottom is actually a flap and when you lift it up there's a picture of a dog that she drew.  :)

The little stinker always looks so proud of himself. 

Mom bought us these cool pans that you put a tortilla in and you bake them to create a taco shell.  So we had awesome taco salads tonight. (Thanks mom!)  I made a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and a homemade cilantro lime dressing.  Then in the crockpot I cooked up a couple of chicken breasts in some salsa and when that was done I shredded the chicken and added a can of Trader Joe's cuban black beans, some corn and some sauteed yellow and green bell peppers.  So, on top of the salad we put a scoop of the chicken mixture with a little cheese and sour cream on top.  YUM!  It was the perfect dinner.

We sent Grammy back to Arizona today.  But, we'll see her when we get there on Saturday!!  We are so excited about vacation.  We're just praying our very active one year old does okay on the plane....At least he's cute.  Maybe people around us will be gracious.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sushi night

Michael and I LOVE sushi and I have been wanting to learn how to make it for a long time.  So I finally figured it all out and loaded up on supplies at a local Asian market.  I made California rolls for the second time last night.  
 Katelyn's favorite food in the whole world is dumplings.  She would eat them everyday if I would let her.  So of course we had to have dumplings also.  (I got those from Trader Joes though and just cooked them up.)  She wouldn't try the California rolls last time.  She just likes the nori with some rice rolled up in it.  But this time she said she wanted to try a new food and she figured out that she likes it. So we were nice enough to share our sushi with her.  :)

 This is one of my favorite foods.  YUM!!!

 We had sushi, dumplings and fruit.  

Chopstick skills at work!!!  

We had a super fun family night.  I love them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bed head and stuff

I went to get Noah up from his nap yesterday and this is what he looked like.  Now that is some serious bed head! 


 I think he was sleeping on his head.

 Love him...

 And one more.  :)

 Katelyn built an awesome fort the other day.

 It's cold out so our living room has become quite the adventure.
Noah loves the tube.  

 So does Katelyn.  They were in the tent together the other day and they were just giggling.  It was so funny.

 I think Noah just likes to follow Katelyn.

 This little guy loves his new fire truck.

 I found this picture in a stack of stuff the other day.  Katelyn drew a picture of the nativity scene.  :)

 Sunday was the beginning of Chinese New Year.  Katelyn dressed up in her Mulan costume and made herself a crown.  She went with Michael to pick up take out in this outfit and she said happy new year (in Chinese) to the Chinese lady who was working.  The lady loved her and gave her a pile of treats.  

We got Noah this walker for his birthday.  We put it in front of him thinking it would be awhile before he would figure it out.  Nope...he just took off with the thing.  I don't think we have much longer before he'll be walking on his own.  

Uh oh.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's a baby party!

Today we had a birthday party for Noah.  It was hoppin' around here.  A pile of kids + a pile of grown ups + a bunch of food = a big ole mess and a lot of fun.

 For whatever reason blogger keeps loading this picture sideways.  I made Noah a puppy cupcake cake.  Noah likes dogs and smiles every time we say, "The doggie says, woof."

 Having Grammy in town means that she got to celebrate with us today!  Yeah!!  (We missed you Papa.)

 We had eight kids here today.  Here are the three little ones playing together.  So cute!

 Noah is a silly boy.

 Here's Noah and his cousin, Charlie.

 Noah thought it was pretty fun when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him.  

 He just wanted to grab the flame on the candle so Katelyn helped him blow it out.

 The ceremonial 1st birthday cupcake.

 He wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first...

 but he quickly figured it out.

 And before long, it was gone.

There were new toys to be played with.  Fun was had by all.

Noah's been asleep for two and a half hours now.  Not a peep.  :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy birthday, Noah!

Today is Noah's first birthday.  He is one.  A full year has gone by.  At this exact moment last year I was so nauseous and sick.  It was just hours after he was born and I hadn't even really held him yet.  The past twenty four hours had been long. 
 It was all worth every single second. 
 Those hours pale in comparison to this last year of life with Noah.  Our family is so blessed by this little guy.

We celebrated Noah today.

 We're having a birthday party for him on Saturday but we decided to go out to eat tonight at our new favorite Mexican restaurant.  The waiter was so nice and brought us a piece of cake for Noah.  Noah has never had anything like this before.  He wanted at it.

 We call this "stinker face."  

 He stuck his finger in the chocolate.  Hmmm...that's good.


 Okay, what's next?

 Play time at home.

 Happy birthday to me!

 Katelyn has been so sweet to Noah all day.  She made him a birthday card and has sung "Happy Birthday" to her brother a dozen times. For the last couple of days she's been telling everyone she comes across that today is Noah's birthday.  She loves him.


 And of course the kids were hyped up on sugar so we HAD to jump on the bed.

 I love this picture!  This sums up Katelyn.  Life, joy, energy, silliness.

I don't know what I did to deserve this life but I am grateful for it everyday.

Happy birthday, sweet Noah.  I am so thankful for you and I can't wait to see what this year brings!!