Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Katelyn!

It's really unbelieveable but Katelyn turned 3 today! Where did the last two years go?
We of course had to celebrate this little girl. The family party was tonight and then we're having a party on Saturday with some of her friends. She was very specific about the cake....chocolate cake with that's what she got. :)

She was very excited about all of her presents and she really took time to play with all of them.

She loved her new books and wanted to stop and read each one.

But the theme of this year's birthday is not princesses or any such girly's bugs. Katelyn got big bugs, little bugs, a bug net, a bug farm, a magnifying glass. She was SO happy. She really loves bugs.

She gathered them all up a zillion times.

She examined them closely with her new magnifying glass. A budding young scientist for sure. Maybe she'll be a doctor or a biologist and support us in our old age....

This picture turned out blurry, but cute!
Katelyn is a blessing beyond measure. I couldn't be more proud of her or love her any more. I can't wait to see what this next year will bring and I'm going to soak up every minute of it.
Happy Birthday Katelyn!
We love you so much!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun in Michigan....Part 2

We're back from Michigan...and we had so much fun! It was a REAL vacation. I did no work. We played. We rested. We visited. We ate.
Michael's sister Ingrid changed the liner in her pool and was refilling it with water. Katelyn just couldn't wait to go in so Aunt Ingrid improvised.

On Monday we went to the Sterling Heights Memorial Day parade with Michael's other sister Birgitta and her family. This is Katelyn and her new cousin Elisabeth. They're best buddies already!

Ummm...yes, this is the cutest picture ever. This pretty much sums up a perfect day of good old American fun.

Katelyn was waiting patiently for the parade to start. I can't believe how well this child did all weekend. She completely went with the flow no matter what we were doing, where we were doing it or who we were with. What a blessing!

Really, give the girl a juice box and she's happy.

Here's Aunt Birgitta, Elisabeth and Katelyn watching the parade. Everyone was so nice to us and we felt like we had always been part of the family.

I love this picture. This girl is sweet, sweet, sweet.

She had so much fun collecting all of the candy. She was a bit bummed though when I didn't open up every piece for her to eat. It's like Halloween all over again.

Katelyn and Elisabeth hanging out in the back yard. I love this picture also. Katelyn really loved Elisabeth!

Elisabeth and her friends had a tea party with Katelyn. Katelyn thinks she's in the 5th grade now too. She loved playing with the big girls.

We got back this evening safe and sound. Katelyn is zonked out....hasn't made a peep and went to bed at 8pm...exhausted. She traveled there and back amazingly well. She told us each time she had to potty and we had no accidents. Everyone got along wonderfully and it was a great first roadtrip for all of us....The first of many I'm sure!
Now we have to get back to work.
31 days until the wedding! We should probably finish planning that also. :)