Thursday, January 22, 2015

Don't fall over...

Don't fall over, I'm updating the blog.  I'm taking pity on poor Grammy and Papa who are far away and need a grandkid fix,  

 Lainey is getting more and more active.  She loves her toys.

 She's a happy, happy baby.

 Noah loves the workbench he got for Christmas.  He likes to be like daddy.

 I love baby feet.

 I love this baby!

 Katelyn loves making some jewelry.  

 ...and then she loves dressing up with her fine jewelry.

 Noah wrote his first letters.  "T", "U" and "H".  He was so proud of himself!

 Lainey got her first two teeth in at 5 1/2 months and now we're waiting for some more.

 Grammy, the sweatshirt you bought her is SO cute.  (And it's nice and warm!)

 Lainey is eating all sorts of food now.  She likes baby oatmeal, bananas, carrots, peas, green beans, acorn squash, pumpkin, butternut squash and avocado.  She gets really excited at meal time. She kicks her feet and flaps her hands.  :)

 Noah likes to do school too.  He's knows all of his letters and this little game I made is helping him with his fine motor skills.  He's trying to attach all the clothes pins to his letter board.  He needs help getting the clothes pins on but he can match all of the letters.  He likes being big like Katelyn and when she's doing school Noah wants to as well.

 Lainey LOVES the bouncy. 

 We have to be creative on cold winter days when we can't go outside.

 Sweet girl.
 Katelyn's home school co-op started back up yesterday.  This semester in science they are learning about chemistry.  They did a science experiment about water molecules and then they created a water molecule and an alcohol molecule using gumdrops and toothpicks.  

 Lainey is 7 months old now.  She's showing more and more personality.  She is very happy and just goes with the flow.  She loves watching Katelyn and Noah.  She can roll all the way around now so she's starting to get a bit mobile.  I'm not quite ready for that!

 It's been unseasonably lovely this week so we're trying to Carpe Diem and enjoy it while it lasts.  We've been to two different parks and the playground at the church after home school group this week.  When we were driving out the back entrance of the park today there were some horses that were right by the fence along the road so I pulled over and let the kids have a visit.

 The horses were friendly...and huge.  Noah and Katelyn loved getting to hang out with them.

 It's days like this that I really love homeschooling.  I like that we get to have times like these in our day.  Katelyn got all of her school work done, the kids played at the park for 45 minutes, we visited with horses, Noah got to see the train go by, everyone took a good rest this afternoon.  It was a fun day.

All in all, this winter hasn't been too bad so far...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  

 Katelyn decided she wanted to paint pumpkins instead of carving them this year.  Fine with me, it was much easier.  

 The work in progress.

 Noah loves to paint and kept saying, "Gonna paint a pumpkin."

 Our little artist.  She loves art and does some form of it everyday.

 We did Halloween school work today which the kids thought was really fun.  Something different is always nice.

 Halloween scary mouth snacks.  (Apple, peanut butter and marshmellows.)

 The pumpkin masterpieces.

 Katelyn remembered what I made for dinner before trick or treating last year and asked for it again.  Mac and cheese with hot dogs and peas.

 Our little pirate.  Aargh.

 These two were the perfect ages for trick or treating this year.  It was cold and had rained on and off all day.  It rained a bit while we were trick or treating and they didn't care.  They're hard core.


 These kids have been Katelyn's best friends since she came home from China and they've all been trick or treating together for years.  It's tradition.  Noah loves Nathan and was happy to hold his hand and go door to door.

 Lainey's first Halloween.  She was the warmest one of all of us.  We bundled her up and kept her in the stroller.  :)

 Enjoying the loot.  

 Sweetest little pea!

 Lainey's four months old now.  She's the sweetest, happiest baby and we love her.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Week one

We are sleep deprived but enjoying our time together.

 The nice thing about having a baby this time of year is that we can sit outside and the big kids can play.

 Lainey likes to lay on the play mat and look at the birds and butterflies.

 How sweet is this little face??!!!

 We've had lots of time just to hang out with each other this week and snuggle.  Katelyn's had VBS at church each morning so she's been tired by the time she gets home and just wants to relax.    

This girl sleeps a serious number of hours a day.  Life on the outside is apparently exhausting!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Welcome to the world, Lainey!

We are so happy to announce that Elaina "Lainey" Joy entered the world on Friday, June 20th at 2:32pm.  She weighed 8 lbs, 11oz and was 20 inches long.  

 We had a c-section scheduled for July 2nd but I had a feeling she wasn't going to wait that long.  My water broke early Friday morning and we headed into the hospital.  

 Katelyn was so excited about meeting her baby sister.  Noah wasn't quite so sure about it all.  (He's come around in the last couple of days though.)

 Of course Grammy and Papa had just headed up to Michigan for my cousin's wedding and they were kind enough to turn around and come home to stay with Katelyn and Noah while we were in the hospital.

 We have been very blessed by friends and family this week who have all loved and helped us a ton!
Grammy loves her new granddaughter.

 The proud big sister.

 Delivery and recovery have been much easier for me this time around and I am really thankful for that.  
 Lainey is such a sweet baby and we love her so much already.

 Daddy's having a good time with her already.

 After a few nights in the hospital we were pretty excited to head on home!

 Lainey slept through the whole thing.

 Katelyn just wants to sit and hold her and give her kisses.  I think this baby will be well loved on.

 She found her thumb.

Daddy and Lainey were enjoying some snuggle time.

We are home and resting.  Michael is off work all week.  Our friends that live here in our neighborhood have been picking Katelyn up each morning this week and taking her to VBS at our church with them so she didn't have to miss it.  

It's really nice to have the baby on the outside.  I'm thankful for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Onto the next chapter as a family of five...