Saturday, February 25, 2012

More cuteness

Can you tell we have a new addition in the house? I'm a blogging maniac these days!

Papa, this picture is especially for you. Please note the polar bear shirt. And the polar bear is fishing...even better. :)

Michael's been bringing Noah upstairs when we tuck Katelyn in and she really wants him to stay and have a slumber party with her. We told her she'll have to wait for him to get bigger for that, but I see some slumber party fun in their future.

Katelyn really is the best big sister ever. And Noah is only three weeks old but already he just stares at her and seems very content and engaged when she is near. I'm pretty sure he loves his sister already.

This might be my new favorite picture. I think it will be framed and put up in our house sometime soon!

Katelyn drew a picure of a park with her window markers this morning. She was very proud of her masterpiece. If you look closely you can see a slide, swings and monkey bars. She loves the park!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


While Noah was playing on his play mat, Katelyn layed down on the floor to play with him.

This just makes my heart SO happy! I pray they always love playing with each other.

Noah's eyes were glued on Katelyn. He was watching everything she was doing. She's so sweet to him. She just wants to be near him.

Katelyn brought a couple of her toys over to share with her brother. Noah knocked the little snow globe over with his hand and Katelyn said, "Good job, Noah!" Somehow I don't think she'll always be so happy when her brother gets into her stuff.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A day of firsts

Today Noah had his first bath!

He wasn't really loving it.

But he was happy afterwards when he was wrapped up all warm and cozy in his crocodile towel.

This was before his bath. I had to take this picture because Noah and Daddy were wearing the same outfit. Too cute.

Noah also got to lay on his play mat today. He loves this thing. He is super alert while he's looking up at the rainforest.

Daddy and Noah playing together. Noah was reaching out and swatting the hanging toys. It was a big day. Now the baby's passed out. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Silly little ones

Our family is FAR from perfect but there is a deep sense of love for one another and an enjoyment of one another. Katelyn is such an example of that with Noah. Every time she comes home the first thing she wants to do is hold her brother and give him kisses.

The other day Katelyn made Noah a book and read it to him. She said she's going to teach him to read when he gets bigger.

Noah fell asleep like this against my chest tonight and stayed in the same position when I moved him. Cute, cute!

Hanging out with Daddy in the "cave" daddy made him.

Katelyn said she was going to show us her animal Tai Chi positions tonight. SO FUNNY! She did a bunch of them.

Papa requested a golden coyote. This is what Katelyn came up with. Pretty good, right. These kids keep us entertained!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hanging out

Well, we're sleep deprived but loving having Noah home. Katelyn says, "I love having the baby on the outside of your belly." Me too!

Michael's got big arms, so all the kiddos are happy. :)

Katelyn is an AWESOME big sister. She's been patient and kind and she loves her brother. She just sat and held him yesterday morning while she watched cartoons and he just kept looking at her and looking all around. I had a bowl of cereal and read part of the paper. I love having a big girl in the house!

Noah is a sweet baby. He cries when he's hungry, tired or wet. He just looks around with these big eyes checking everything out.

Daddy really likes him. Can you tell?

The jaundice has resolved itself and he doesn't have the caribbean glow. He's pale and pink like the rest of us now. He's a big one week old now.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cutest kids ever!

I know I'm biased, but I have the cutest kids ever. :)

Here's Noah hanging out in his carseat with his doggie.

Katelyn's best friends came over and she was so excited to introduce them to her brother. Such a proud big sis~

Katelyn got a great scarf and hat from her aunties for Christmas and she loves them. She thinks she's fancy. I think she's beautiful.

Her big smile gets me every time. I've been so proud of her. She's super sweet to her brother and she runs and helps us with anything we need. What a blessing this little girl is.

Noah was wide awake and playing with daddy today. Love it!

Cutest kids ever! I mean, look at this face.

Friday, February 10, 2012

We're home!

Yesterday we got to bring Noah home. We had a great overall experience at the hospital we were at but I was so excited to come home.

A little snuggling on the couch.

Noah looked so tiny in his crib last night. One day I'm sure we'll look at this picture and won't be able to believe that he was ever this small.

We're having to suppliment breastfeeding with some formula until my milk comes in so we've been using these little 2 ounce bottlles of formula from thhe hospital and today Noah took over and held it himself...because he is almost four days old you know!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweet, sweet boy

I can't believe Noah is only two days old. It seems like he's been with us longer. I think we've just had a lot packed into a few days!

I got to take a shower today! It's the best shower I've ever had in my ENTIRE life. I feel so much better.

Don't you want to kiss him. I do it all day.

Big yawn.

"Check me out...I'm awake!"

Tongue out and kicking...that's our little guy. We get to go home tomorrow and although it will take me a while to be fully functional, I am so excited to get out of the hospital. We have had the best care though. I don't have any complaints and the nurses say that Noah and I are doing great and can't believe I just had a c-section two days ago. I don't have anything to compare it to but I'm super thankful that I'm recovering well. I have TWO cutie patootie kids to love on and play with at home so I think I'm feeling motivated! We are feeling so, so blessed! I've had two different nurses stop in and ask where our daughter is. Katelyn has become legendary around here and people are wanting to meet her. Hillarious. She has had lots to say to every nurse she's met so I'm sure they've passed along her excitement for being a big sister. I think Noah is going to be one very loved little boy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One day old

I will spend more time reflecting on the last couple of days once we get home, but for now, some pictures that I know you all want to see!

Seriously adorable!

I can not even tell you how much I love this man! He has been a rock and I can only pray this little boy grows up to be like his daddy.

Katelyn was SO excited to get to meet her little brother. She has been waiting for this day for a long time and she was so sweet with him.

Grammy will run you over for the chance to hold Noah. :)

Grammy love. Now there are two to spoil.

And now we're a family of four. Pretty awesome!

Baby is here!

It's been a long past few days, but the reward was so worth it. Noah Michael Kramer was born on 2/6/2012 at 7:34 p.m.

Here is Melissa at 39 weeks and 2 days, a few hours before we left for the hospital.

This was our first view of Noah.

Here he is clean and sitting up.

Here's the official weigh-in. They rounded up to 9 lbs. 4oz. He measured at 20 1/2".

Here are mommy and baby having a snuggle.