Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm a big girl

Mommy's taking the night off but I figured you'd rather hear from me anyway. I'm a big girl. Mommy thinks this has happened overnight...but I've been working on some stuff.
Like riding my bike (and I think I look cool with my sunglasses on.)
We went to the park yesterday. The big one with the duck pond and the really cool playground. It was really sunny out. I'm so glad I get to play outside now. I guess lots of kids got to play outside today because by the time we got to the park the ducks were all full and they wouldn't eat my bread. I was a little sad about that until mommy said we could go over to the playground. Boy, I really do like to play there...

I like to be pushed on the big girl swing. I hold on really tight and I don't lean back. Mommy says I'll fall off. But I'm a big girl now so I've got it under control.

I'm a really good climber. I get get up a ladder in no time flat. Mommy held me up and I went across the monkey bars by moving my hands from ring to ring. That was super fun. I had to do that a few times.

I like adventure...the thrill...the excitement. Those big twisty twirlly slides are the best thing ever. They make me laugh everytime. Sometimes mommy gets a little nervous when I'm up at the top but I think she worries too much.

We had so much fun. I was REALLY sad when we had to leave. I could play at the park forever. But when we went home mommy made homemade pizza...the dough and everything. It was pretty tasty. I like pizza a lot.

Before we left mommy let me ride the horsey one more time. I love that thing. I'm ready for Keeneland!

The really big thing I've learned how to do this week is how to use the big girl potty. I've learned to tell mommy when I have to go and I'm wearing big girl panties. I haven't had an accident in two days! I even tell mommy that I have to go when we're at a store or at church or something. This makes mommy really happy. We sing and I get M & M's and stickers. I even went poo poo on the potty today. I told you I'm a big girl. I'm just about ready to be three now. Two is for babies.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Potty time!

Potty training Katelyn has been my nemesis. We have started and stopped a couple of times. But the girl will be three in June and it's time to toss the diapers and embrace the big girl panties. So I deemed this weekend "Potty Training Weekend" and bootcamp began....for me.
All I have to say is GOOD GRIEF. This makes parenting three times more work. It takes ten years to get out the door. The kid sits on this little potty for a half hour and then thirty second after she gets up she pees all over herself.
We are on day four. Day one = six pairs of wet pants and zero times in the potty. Day 2 = two successful potties. Day 3 = one sticker on the chart. Today we have had two stickers and I'm bribing her with an M & M ice cream treat at McDonalds to get her to successfully complete the third time today. :) I've decided I'm not beyond bribery. I'm just tired of cleaning up pee.
But this girl is super cute when she successfully pees in the potty. (And tonight she's really cute because she's running around with her shirt, boots and bare bottom. ) She jumps up and down and runs to get her 2 M & Ms and put the sticker on the chart....and then we dance the potty dance.
I seriously think I've lost brain cells this weekend.
UPDATE: Katelyn did go to the potty again tonight and we did go to McDonalds for an M & M McFlurry. Everyone's happy...and a little girl is bathed and tucked safely into her bed.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The rain never came. I can't believe the weather was forcasted wrong in Kentucky (insert sarcasm here). But great for us because it meant we got to carry on in the yard this afternoon. Constructing the raised bed (Michael) and planting flowers (me) meant that we pulled out all the stops to entertain Katelyn so she'd let us work. A fudgesicle out on the lawn worked for a while.
Kicking the ball around made her happy.

But really she just wanted to "help" us. I must admit, we were thankful when nap time came.

Michael built the raised bed...
...and dug a trench for it to rest in. He worked really hard today. I can't wait to plant this year's garden. We'll have about 3X more space. Plenty to feed us this summer and can lots for fall and winter.

Katelyn discovered that there were bugs in the trench. Bugs and dirt = happy girl.

Face right on in there. She was looking at ants.

All finished! Michael even turned over the grass. Now we just need to get a truckload or two of dirt...

I got a pot of hyacinths and tulips for my birthday so I transplanted all the bulbs by the fence line this afternoon. I also planted three pots of pansies for the front porch.

In between all of the planting I made peanutbutter muffins (great recipe with no sugar or oil...mashed bananas and applesauce instead), banana bread, grilled chicken salad for lunch, turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and green beans that I had frozen from the farm for dinner.
This was a great weekend and we are right on track for a great crop this we just need the weather to cooperate!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring, we welcome you!

Today is officially the first day of spring. It's been a gorgeous weekend and we've got the garden underway! Today included a trip to Lowes, lunch at Chick fil-A, a stop in at the grocery store, the start of construction on our raised garden bed and a cookout next door with our neighbors. Basically the perfect first day of spring by all calculations!
Michael was put to work in the yard while I made homemade strawberry shortcake.We're adding a 16 foot by 6 foot bed to the back of the yard. We'll do most of the tomatoes and peppers there. In last year's garden space we're doing an early crop of broccoli, spinach, lettuce, turnips, swiss chard and radishes. Then we'll rotate in the cucumbers and squash. We bought edging materials to add to the corner garden space along the side fence and we're going to make that the herb garden.

Here are Katelyn and I planting the broccoli plants that our neighbor Holly gave us while her husband Brandon watches on over the fence. Hidey Ho Neighbor!

We're planting broccoli seedlings and the rest we're just going to plant seeds. We're supposed to have a big storm blow through tonight and tomorrow so I decided to put the seeds in the ground sometime later this week. Katelyn was excited to get to help dig the holes. Really she doesn't care what we plant as long as she gets to dig the hole. :)

It was the perfect first day of spring. favorite season!
I welcome you Spring with open arms.
Welcome back. I have missed you so.

Friday, March 19, 2010


My grandpa used to say that his favorite flower was the dandelion. I come from a long line of silly, sarcastic I come by it honestly. But I did think of grandpa today as I was working in the yard and Katelyn came running at me saying, "Mama, I found the yellow flowers." I hadn't even seen them...but sure enough...there were three little dandelions along the back fence.
We spent a good chunk of time in the back yard today. It was BEAUTIFUL here. Mid-sixties. Clear blue sky.
PERFECT spring day.
I was working on getting the garden area and containers cleaned up and ready for planting. Michael raked up old leaves and dead grass. Katelyn dug in the dirt and was very excited to find worms. She rolled in the dirt and ran through all of the debris Michael had raked up. Katelyn comes ALIVE this time of year. (Not that she's sedate any other time of year...but she really comes alive when the sun comes out. God really did send me the perfect child.) She is so happy to play outside. She's most happy in a pile of dirt. Every night baths start now.

I'm so excited to head into this next season. So many memories to be made. A fresh start. New growth. More time at the lake. More time in the garden. A bigger garden. Meals to be shared. Canning to be done. My sweet little family. It really is the simple things that make me happiest.
It's nice to be dreaming again.

It was good to see a little girl running toward me with grandpa's favorite flowers in hand. The next generation sure is looking good.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wild child

She doesn't sit. She talks a lot...and loudly. She bounces like Tigger. She jumps off the curbs and spins in circles. She runs through everyone's yards. She's a wild little girl...full of so much life. Her imagination is HUGE. She's always up for an adventure. I mean, what's not fun about this picture?
Oh...I almost forgot....chasing and being chased are her favorite passtimes. Don't come over and plan to sit on your tush. Get ready to run from one side of the house to the other and back again...a zillion times. (Just ask Michael...he'll tell you all about it.)

But sometimes a girl needs a little rest. Where would be a good place to relax you ask? Well the stairs of course. They are the perfect Katelyn width.

But the squirmming begins again rather quickly!

She was so wound up tonight she wouldn't even sit down for story time.

But she did go to bed really easily and is sleeping like an angel.
On a side note...I turned 36 this weekend! Happy Birthday to me. It was a festive weekend for sure. My neighbor, Holly, made me a Tuscan Citrus cake (yum). My brother and sis-in-law had us over for dinner on Friday and we had swordfish (yum). Michael and Katelyn and I went downtown to the St. Patrick's Day parade on my actual birthday and then we made homemade pizza for dinner (yum). Michael let me have it with all vegetables (yeah for me). Our pastor and his wife came over for dinner and dessert. Michael made me a chocolate cake with cherry filling and cream cheese frosting (yum...yum). On Sunday Michael took me out for Japanese food. Sushi and a bento box (yum, yum, yum) and then went to Starbucks for coffee. Such a fun weekend. I was definitely spoiled. I ate lots of great food.
And now it's back to the treadmill.
I think 36 is going to be a good year for me...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is coming...

...and we are super excited about it!!!
Katelyn's doing a little dance to celebrate.

Just look at the trees starting to bud.

We went outside for a while this morning and Katelyn rode her bike while I raked up some old fall leaves so the grass has room to grow in nice and green. Please note that Katelyn is starting to actually pedal her bike instead of scoot. She's so big!

Although...sometimes she just likes to scoot. :)

I'm taking our afterschool program kids to the park this afternoon. Katelyn's excited to get to go and play with "my big kids."
I love, love, love the anticipation of spring. I am happy to kiss this winter goodbye!