Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Halloween is so much fun with little kids.  So Noah had two costumes.  I know, I know.  But I paid about $5 for them total so I think it's okay.  :)

 Noah wore this one to our homeschool group yesterday.  The nursery workers loved him.  So cute.

Just blowing raspberries.  I love this face!

 Katelyn wanted in on the action.

 Noah is starting to push up more.  The crawling will be happening soon.

 And here are the actual Halloween pictures.  Our little Mulan.  She said she wanted to be Mulan and then Michael and I found this costume in a consignment store.  Perfect!  Katelyn wants nothing to do with any of the Disney princesses except Mulan.

 And our little Tiger.  Roar!!

 We went to our church's Candy Carnival instead of trick or treating this year.  It was so cold out and the church's event was all inside except for the pony rides.  Pony rides on Halloween!  How cool is that!  Katelyn was so excited and Noah loved petting the pony.

 Here's our little guy riding the pony.

 Having fun together.

 Don't you just love this face??

 Katelyn was excited to fish a prize out of Noah's ark.  :)  See Papa, she's fishing on Halloween.

Here's Katelyn with her BFFs.  They've done Halloween together for three years now.  It's tradition.  

The kids are all tucked in and fell asleep in about 30 seconds.  I want to dress them up again tomorrow just because they look so cute!

It's Fall!

My computer crashed several weeks ago and now I have a new I'm back!  I have lots of catching up to do.  We took a trip to Florida a month ago and I'll post some pictures of that soon, but for now it's time to take a look at all of the fun Fall activities we've been doing.  

 We went on a field trip to Evan's Orchard with our friend's homeschool co-op earlier this month.  Katelyn is in a phase right now where every time I ask her to pose for a picture she huffs and puffs about it.  She has to be in the right mood or good pictures are just not happening.  This day all she wanted to do was go and play with her friends.  :)

 Here's Noah and his cousin Charlie.  Noah is only three and a half months older than Charlie.  For now they just lay on the floor and look at each other but it won't be long and they'll be into all kinds of mischief I'm sure!

 Noah is happy.  That pretty much sums it up.  He laughs and smiles a lot.  It's rare that he fusses.  He really is delightful.  He makes all of us smile a lot and we can't imagine life without this little guy.  Noah is eight months old in all of these pictures.

 Katelyn and Noah are best friends.  I thought the novelty of a little brother would wear off but Katelyn just loves him.  She's patient and helpful.  She's protective and such a great playmate for him. Noah gets upset when she is playing with her friends and he can see her but she's not right with him.  Once he starts walking he is going to follow her around like a puppy.  We'll see how patient she is then!

 We really like our kids.  :)

 Katelyn is doing great in Kindergarten! I love getting to homeschool her.  It's challenging for sure but it's such a gift to have this time with her. I get see her learn and grow. I don't have to wonder what she did at school because I was there.  She's started taking a music class once a week.  They are learning about notes and rhythm.  They get to sing and dance and play instruments.  She loves it.

 Katelyn's music teacher told them they could dress up in their Halloween costumes for music class.  Katelyn is Mulan this year.  

 We have a homeschool group that we go to once a week and this is a picture of Katelyn and the girls in her class with their tutor (who is a mom of one of the girls in the picture and helps facilitate our class).  This group has been good for Katelyn and we're so glad we get to be part of it.  I stay in class with Katelyn and Noah gets to be in the nursery with the other little ones who aren't in school yet.  He loves it!  He's a social little guy and really likes getting to play in there.  

Katelyn also has gymnastics once a week and she looks forward to it every week.  She keeps trying to do handstands in the middle of the living room so hopefully she won't smush her brother or fall on her head.

Here's a picture of the kids before church on Sunday.  We started going to a new church about 7 months ago and it has been great for our family.  Their children's ministry is wonderful.  All of the volunteers have been great with both kids.  They love Noah in the nursery and Katelyn runs upstairs to her class.  She's been memorizing a Bible verse every week and can always tell us about the story they did in class.  She gets to sing and play on the little playground.  Michael and I have loved being part of the church and feel really blessed that we are getting plugged in are building relationships with other families.

So that's most of October.  I have a couple of other fun posts for the next few days and of course I'll post Halloween pics of the kids.