Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall fun!

The weather has cooled down.  The leaves have mostly fallen off the trees.  We are right in the middle of fall.
 Noah was enjoying a little snack with daddy.
 Noah now likes coloring (for a few minutes at a time) and stickers.
He looks like such a big boy!
 Noah likes to hide between the bar stools.
 And he likes to reorganize the pantry.
 One of Katelyn's favorite things is a pile of leaves to play in.
 She was making a leaf angel.
 Wild boy!
 Noah liked the leaves too.
 Here's my attempt at keeping Noah busy while doing school with Katelyn.
 They love playing together.
 Noah really enjoyed spaghetti night.  Spaghetti night = bath night.
 Here I am with my nephew, Jax.
Poor Niki was just trying to enjoy her banana pudding in peace.  But Mooch and Moochier wanted some too.  Notice Charlie trying to move Noah along. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat?

There weren't any tricks, but there were LOTS of treats.  These kids brought in some serious loot tonight.
 Ready to go!
 Noah thought going up to houses and getting candy given to him was the best thing ever. 
 He was a pro.  People gave him double just because he was cute.
 Katelyn really enjoyed trick or treating this year.  She went with two of her friends that we always trick or treat with. 
This picture is blurry but it was so cute. 
Two nights of Halloween fun.  Michael and I are exhausted.  The kids are knocked out.  A successful year. :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is so fun when you have little kids.  Katelyn was about to explode she was so excited to get into her costume.
 The pre-festivities dinner for the kiddos.  Katelyn thought this was fun.
 Here's our little cowgirl.
 And our little monster.
 Noah was not quite so sure about wearing a costume at first but he warmed up to it.
 All trick or treating in our area was postponed until tomorrow night because of bad weather, but our church was doing a Candy Carnival so we took the kids down there.  They got to play games, get some candy and prizes and run around with their friends. 
 Noah discovered those little dum dum suckers and he LOVES them.  He was a big old sticky mess by the end of the night.  He would hand me his half sucked on sucker and run to one of the games where they were giving them away and pick out a new one, tear off the wrapper and stick it in his mouth.  We went through half a dozen of them tonight and he maybe ate the equivalent of one.  Noah didn't quite understand how Halloween works.  :)
 Katelyn understands.
 She liked being a sparkly cowgirl.  Thanks grammy and papa for the boots and hat.
 Katelyn got her face painted.
Our friends came with their kids.  These three have known each other since they were babies.  So sweet.  So tomorrow we'll go and do a little trick or treating.  They'll like going door to door.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall fun!!

Although it is always sad for me to say goodbye to warm weather, I do love the fall. 
 Katelyn introduced Noah to playing in the leaves the other day.  He thought that was pretty fun.
 Noah would spend all day outside if we could.
 Our friends' little girl outgrew this little playhouse so they passed it on to us.  They even delivered it.  Noah loves this thing.  It's the perfect size for him. 
 Katelyn is really silly....
 and beautiful inside and out!
 This look is Noah in a nutshell.  Mischief!!
 The colors this year are gorgeous!! Today we drove out one of the roads that takes you by lots of horse farms and all of the trees are orange and red.  So pretty.
 She's growing up really fast.
 And he's up to no good.  :)
 We carved our pumpkins tonight.  Noah was into it for about two minutes. 
 Katelyn was REALLY excited to get to carve her own pumpkin (with some assistance from daddy, of course.)
Here's a picture of the final product.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A day in the life

Here's a little snippet of what our day is really like. Noah's middle name should be mischief instead of Michael.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

We're back!

Fall has returned.  There's a crispness in the air.  Mom and dad have gone back to Arizona...which means I better put some pictures on here or I'll be in big trouble.  The kids are growing so fast! 
Katelyn is a big first grader now and Noah is 20 months old and into EVERYTHING!
 Michael made this great activity board for the kids that has latches, switches, locks, doorknob, etc. on it.  Originally it was for Noah but Katelyn loves it too.  It's a work in progress.  Michael adds to it as he finds little things to stick on it.  I love my husband.
 Noah has grown attached to the 3D glasses we got last weekend when we went to see Gravity. 
 This is my nephew, Jax.  Katelyn loves holding the baby.
 Our friends gave us this little playhouse that their daughter has outgrown and Noah (and Katelyn for that matter) loves it!  It's the perfect size for him to get in and out of.  He really likes the windows shutters that swing open and closed.
Michael is such a good daddy!  He came home from work the other day and immediately joined the kids in the backyard while they were playing with playdough.

Noah loves to ride around in his little car.  He says beep, beep!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fun at Explorium

Katelyn has been asking to go to Explorium, our local children's museum, for months.  So, we decided that yesterday would be a good day to go on a field trip.  

 Water play was a big hit.

I was really glad I brought him a change of clothes!

I never thought I would get them out of this area.

 Katelyn was so happy while we were at the museum.

 Noah loves the water.

 I'm so thankful the kids play nicely together.

 They were very busy.

 Noah was very focused.

 One giant leap for mankind.

 Just walking on the moon.

 Blast off!

 She's a good little climber.

 My little mountain goat. 

 A budding paleontologist!

 Here are the pile of "bones" she dug up.

 Noah also liked the bubble room.

 And of course Katelyn did too.

 The have a new veterinarian exhibit that's very cool.  It seemed appropriate that Noah just go in the cage.

 I asked Katelyn to look at me for the picture and she said, "Mom (exasperated tone), I'm working!"

 Can't you just picture her years from now in a lab coat and stethoscope?

 The doctor is in.

 Noah was busy sorting the food.

 He loved the little shopping cart.

 Giddy up.

Katelyn loves creating art!