Monday, May 21, 2012

I really like them

I must say...I really enjoy my family (if you couldn't tell).

 Noah was pumping iron with the tinker toys.

 Katelyn always enjoys a good work out.

 Noah's starting to play more.

 He's very social and likes to be where all of the action is.  And we like having him around!

 I think a pile of kids is a good idea.  I wonder how long it will be before Noah is bigger than Katelyn.  Probably not as long as we think.

 Such a cutie pie! I'm greeted with this face every morning and Katelyn jumps in our bed when she gets up to snuggle.  It's a good life.  I don't even mind the early mornings any more.

 Are these two handsome or what!!

 Oh, and don't forget this sweet girl. She never wants to be left out.

 Noah's really grabbing things and holding on.  It's fun to watch him learn new things.

 He likes to stand up.  I'm going to be in trouble when he starts crawling/walking.

We hope you have a nice day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
I'm feeling pretty blessed today that I get to be Katelyn and Noah's mom. And I'm definitely blessed to have such a wonderful mom! ...and a great mother-in-law. (They are both FABULOUS grandmas.)

 First, I need to say that I love both of my children so much.  This post is heavy with Noah pictures but it's only because it was the first time he wore shoes and he looked so cute I got a little carried away with the camera before we headed off to church this morning. When we got home I never picked the camera back up again.  Whoops!

 How cute is he in this little outfit?  I love his little shoes!  :)  Although, he's getting big so fast and he looks so grown up already!

 I think Noah looks just like his daddy in this picture.  So handsome.

 I love pudgy baby fingers.

He loves his mama. 

Every Mother's Day I always say a prayer for a very special woman in China who gave Katelyn life.  I can't imagine what my life would be like if she hadn't given birth to this beautiful little girl.  I feel especially blessed that I get to be her mom.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dinner time

Dinner time is sacred around our house.  It's the one time of day where we can all sit down together.  I love dinner time.

 Noah doesn't like being off on his own when we're all together.  He likes to sit at the table with us.  And Katelyn likes to be right next to her brother.

 I read cookbooks, cooking blogs, recipe websites and cooking magazines for fun.  I got this recipe out of a cookbook I checked out from the library.  (I love the library.)  It's a chickpea curry over brown basmati rice.  I made a greek salad to go with it.  Yum. 

 Katelyn just likes dessert.  Actually, she's a great eater...which is the only reason we give her dessert. cute.  Need I say more?

Here's the goofy laughing/drooling face.  I love this little guy!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Noah's Three Months Old!

Noah will be three months old tomorrow!  I can't believe it's been three months already.  What a blur.

Hi everyone!  

Noah and daddy were having a man to man conversation this morning. 

 I think they were talking about something very serious.

Noah told me that it was just between him and dad.  Geesh... 

Noah also loves to hang out with his big sister.  They both slept until just after 8 this morning (Noah did get up at five to eat but went right back to sleep.)  The grown ups in this house were pretty darn happy.  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Playing, sleeping and helping mommy

Okay,'s the update!  It's been a fun month.  I feel like we're settling in as a family of four.  Noah is the perfect addition.  He's a happy, healthy, delightful baby.  We're all enjoying him!

Sometimes the little guy just falls asleep wherever he's playing.
Noah loves, loves, loves his daddy.  He lights up and coos, smiles and is so alert whenever Michael is interacting with him.  It's so sweet.
This is how we found Katelyn asleep the other night.  I guess a pillow isn't necessary when you can sleep on a pile of stuffed animals.

We figured out that Noah likes to sit up at the table with us when we're eating dinner.  He loves being part of family time already.  He fits right in because we're really just a bunch of home bodies.
Look at how big he's getting!  He's almost three months old already. 
This little guy loves bathtime.  We usually put his bath seat in the kitchen sink but we've put it in the bathtub a couple of times so he could play with Katelyn.  He thinks that's really fun. 
Katelyn is such a big girl.  I'm really enjoying hearing her tell us stories and ask questions.   We have great conversations with her. She loves to help matter what we're doing.  She was so excited that Michael let her help with the dishes the other night.  Works for me!
And again, sometimes playtime is exhausting.  :)
Noah doesn't know how to cook yet...or eat anything for that matter, but he loves to sit in his bumbo on the kitchen counter and watch mommy make dinner.
I love, love my kids.  I can't imagine life without this precious family of mine.  I feel so blessed to have each of them!