Saturday, January 25, 2014

More snow!!

It has been so cold here the kids and I haven't left the house since lunch on Wednesday! (Today is Saturday.)

 We got a bunch of snow this morning and it actually warmed up the temperature (in the 20s instead of 0 degrees).  

 So Michael and the kids went out to play (I went out far enough to take a few pictures.)

 With Michael's assistance Noah actually walked around in the snow.  

 There was snowman construction.

 Cute boy.

 There were snow angels.

 She was very proud of her snowman.

 There was a snowball fight.

 Kids just don't care how cold it is.

 Trying to catch some snowflakes.

 A big snow angel.  

We gathered fresh snow before they started playing and made snow ice cream when everyone came in.  Katelyn thought that was the best thing ever!

There are more cold, cold days ahead. But today was actually pretty fun.  Besides the snow play I made banana, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, we all watched a movie together and I made homemade soup and bread for dinner.  Michael was gone on a business trip last weekend so this weekend we were pretty content just to stay in and hang out together.  I love my family!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow day!!

Yesterday it was 50 degrees.  Today we woke up to this...

 Our cute little snow bear.

 We got a couple of inches of snow.  Katelyn was in heaven.

 One of many snow angels.

 She stayed outside until I made her come in.  

 It was so windy that it blew all of the snow off of the patio.  Noah was not so sure about playing in the snow so he stayed on the porch.

Katelyn loves the snow but I'm ready for spring already.