Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's SUPER KATELYN!

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Katelyn wanted nothing to do with being a princess for Halloween but she sure was excited about being a super hero! I think she made a super cute super girl. As she was running down the street trick or treating she yelled, "I love Halloween!"

Catching up

I know, I I'm going to work on catching up on the last couple of months. Katelyn was always a good helper in the garden. Of course she wanted to be watered like a plant. So I was happy to help!
It made her so could I resist?

Of course the days of playing in the water are over for this year. Sigh.

Katelyn the soccer player. So I think my expectations of Katelyn's soccer season and the reality of her playing soccer were two different things. She looked cute in the uniform, which I expected.

And all the girls and her coaches were awesome. Which I hoped for. (Here's the coach having the girls point in the direction they are headed. )

But Katelyn didn't actually ever participate much in game play. As you will note in the picture above, all of the girls are chasing after the ball. Katelyn could be found off to the side watching, picking grass, playing in the net or walking along the center field lines. She did alright during practices but when it was time for the game there was just a bit too much chaos for her. So we're not too sad to see soccer practices and games come to an end.

But Katelyn loved riding her bike and she's gotten very good at it.

And she likes to pretend she's a rock star.

And sometimes she'll let us get her all dressed up in a pretty dress but she's quick to say that she's not a princess, she's an explorer girl.

We have to get ready for trick or treating now so I will post more later!!! Consider yourselves kind of caught up. :)