Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

Okay, so the first few pictures aren't anything Easter related but they're cute.  :)
 Katelyn and Lainey were hanging out.
 Michael was teaching Katelyn how to throw for accuracy.  She was pretty good!
 This pile of dirt is where Katelyn and Noah spent many hours this week.
 My brother and his family came over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt tonight.  Katelyn helped hide all of the eggs for the little guys.
 Then she helped Jaxon find them.
 Charlie was serious about finding the eggs.
 Jax found the most eggs.  :)
 He's getting so big!
 Noah found the least number of eggs because he kept trying to open each one and eat what was inside.
 This look saves him every time.
 The kids had fun playing together.
The little ones were content to swing.
Happy Easter.


Carrie said...

The kids are getting soooo big! Love seeing the pics! Happy Easter!!!

Jean Coyer said...

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